The Strategic Sectors We need to focus on

Team Working in the System Room

Information Technology

Encourage to have technologies like Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Remote medical treatment.

So that we could have the next generation economic strategy. 

We can create jobs and lead the global market.

Canada is the second-largest country by total area. 

Our medical system is not fully cover the citizen due to the size of the country. 

Remote medical treatment will be the key to answering this issue.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

Medical System Upgrade

We will have partnerships and investments in the medical and dental industry. 

MRI, CT, X-RAY, and Laser companies will benefit us to cost down our health care system and job creation.

High skill, high pay, and sustainable healthy jobs will be in Coquitlam. Also, based on the above skills we are expecting many new start-up companies in this community.


Preventive Medicine will be the top strategic sector in the global market. 

This will reduce our overwhelming hospital capacity and receive fast & high-quality treatment.

We are not ready but it is not too late.

People in Park

Green Energy

Hydrogen & battery industry will be the key element to contribute to our climate change.

Attract investment and focus on infrastructure, research & development. 

We will have a zero-emission environment and a healthy economy.