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A Cutting-Edge Medical City is our Future!”

sean lee coquitlam 8.jpg

I am an IT expert in the medical and IT industries. I specialize in predictive analysis.


I have come up with three key issues that will impact our community as a whole in the near future: economic, mental health, and climate crises

I have the solutions and plans for them, so my platforms will be strong safeguards for the future well-being of our community. 

I will transform the City of Coquitlam into “a cutting-edge medical city” by attracting medical and IT companies. 

  • Job Creation & Security 

  • Economic Recovery

  • Support for Local Small Businesses

  • Affordable Housing through an Unconventional Approach

  • Green Space Conservation

  • Response to Mental Health & Addiction Crises

  • General Hospital in Coquitlam

  • Expanded, Inclusive, Evidence-Based Senior Programs

  • Enhanced Access to Affordable Childcare

  • Improved Road Infrastructure


  • A Barrier-Free, Walkable City

  • Enhanced Access for Sports, Cultural, and Recreational Opportunities

  • City Services Tracking System

  • Streamlining of City Permit Approvals

  • NO Bullying, Discrimination & Hate Crimes

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