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Economic Recovery Platform Explanation

Sean Lee Coquitlam City Council Candidate


Sean Lee is an IT expert in medical and IT industries. He is specialized in predictive analysis. Based on his expertise, he came up with 3 key issues for the near future: Economic, Mental Health, and Climate Crises.

Economic Recovery Platform

Sean Lee will transform Coquitlam into a cutting-edge medical city by attracting medical and IT companies.

High paying, green, and sustainable jobs will be created and secure.

Coquitlam residents will be able to work and live in the same city without commuting elsewhere.

Affordable Housing

Residents will be able to afford houses in Coquitlam.

Small Business support

This city transformation will lead to increase foot traffic and secure healthy cash flow in our city. Which will provide support for local small businesses.

Limiting property tax increase

Sean Lee's platform will bring about novel tax revenue tools for the local government alleviating taxpayers' burdens and limiting property tax increase in the future.

Please vote Sean Lee for Coquitlam City Council

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