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Mental Health Platform Explanation

Sean Lee Coquitlam City Council Candidate


Sean Lee is an IT expert in medical and IT industries. He is specialized in predictive analysis. Based on his expertise, he came up with three key issues for the near future: Economic, Mental Health, and Climate Change.

Mental Health Platform

We must take an upstream approach to response to mental health and addiction crises and a surge in demand due to the decriminalization of illicit drug possession in 3 months.


We need to implement a Mental Health Car Program and reinstate Riverview Hospital.

Health Care Issue

The population of Coquitlam is estimated to be 180,000 by 2021.

It is alarming to recognize that we do not have a general hospital in Coquitlam.

Sean Lee will foster more collaboration between provincial and local governments to address these pressing issues in our community.


Sean Lee's platform will be strong safe guards for foreseeable Mental Health and Addiction crises in our community.

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