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Green Space Conservation

Sean Lee Coquitlam City Council Candidate


Sean Lee is an IT expert in medical and IT industries. He is specialized in predictive analysis. Based on his expertise, he came up with 3 key issues for the near future: Economic, Mental Health, and Climate Crises.

Climate Crises - Green Space Conservation

We must protect mature trees and green spaces because they play a vital role in responding to carbon emission issues, air pollution, and climate change.

We need more tree canopy in Coquitlam.

We must promote green space conservation to get ready for climate change.

Climate change is real. It is a vicious cycle that we must intervene right here, right now.

Sean Lee is connected with a number of resources and experts in Coquitlam and the city of Paju, a sister City of Coquitlam and well-known for its forest management.

Sean Lee's platform will be strong safeguards for foreseeable climate crises in our community.

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